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A new titel on Napoleon  to day, Nord-veteran winner-14 and BOB veteran
Breeding clas  HP, the judge said there were quality dogs.


Multichamp, multivinner Cqabeymz Keiser Napoleon av Jammin  Norwegian veteran winner 2014 and BOS Veteran

Norsk vinner utstilling 2014
Kimberbells Askepott tu tu-na "Sindy" Jr winner-14, CAC and  4 best female
Napoleon BOB veteran and veteran winner-14
Fly Away Deus Amoris 4 best male


Herning Denmark 01 & 02.11.2014
Danish CAC and 2 best female and male on Nala og Birk.

Napoleon Danish winner, Danish veteran winner BOB & BOB veteran.
Nala CAC 2 Best female. Birk CAC, CACIB, 2 Best male. Apollo CK & Danish jr.winner & 4 Best male


Three day dogshow in Skien13.o7.2014
Napoleon BIR,  BIR veteran

BIS 4 veteran,  3 BIG.
Kimberbells Askepott To Tu-Na ble BIR Valp



Three day dogshow in Skien12.o7.2014 "NPPK Rasespesial"
Birk BIR  og 2 BIS

NapoleonBIR, BIR Veteran, BIS veteran and 3 bis veteran all breeds
Amyricas Blossom Saki ble Junior BIR, fikk Cert, og ble Best i rasen
Kimberbells Askepott To Tu-Na BIM VALP





Three days dogshow in Skien11.o7.2014
Multi Champ Cqabeymz Keiser Napoleon av Jammin BIR, BIR veteran,  1 BIG,  BIS veteran og 3 BIS.
Birk Cert 2 beste hanne, Sindy Bim valp,  Saki Cert, Bir og Bir junior.


Mirramiss Ice Pearl o Valentine Norwegian Champion today!

Nkk Drammen 31.05.2014

Birk Cac and Cacib

Nkk Drammen 31.05.2014
Napoleon Bob and Bob Veteran.
Ice Bos Cac, Cacib and Norwegian Champion

Apollo BOB Owner: Ingebjørg-Therese Olausen and Kimberbells Askepott To Tu-Na BOS Owner: Kennel Mirramiss

05/25/2014: International Show Litomerice-CZ, Judge: Mrs. Karin Bernadis
A beautiful and successful weekend is behind us!
Mirramiss Kento Valentino: V1, CAC, BOB and CACIB!
Kento has reached all entitlements for the title of International Beauty Champion (FCI)!
We are very pleased! Many thanks for the beautiful male proud owner: Steffi Härtel.

05.18.2014: International Dog Exhibition in Wieselburg / Austria
Dt. Jugend Champion VK
Dt. Champion VK
Dt. Champion VDH (noch nicht bestätigt)
Landessieger Baden Würtemberg
Landessieger Sachsen 2012, 2013
Mirramiss Kento Valentino
He got his exelent 1, CACIB, CACA and BOB!
and Kento's German Champion VDH is now confirmed!
We thank judge Mrs. Heidi Kirschbichler for the good review! Thank you Steffi and Klaus for showing and take so good care of this wonderful boy

Mirramiss Loving you got his Norwegian championate 12.04.2014
Owners: Lene Hellenes og Roar Eide.