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Dogs4all, Lillestrøm

Dogs4all, Lillestrøm 28/11
Napoleon BOS and a new title NORDV-10

Kongsberg hundeklubb

Mirramiss Athello
1-1.ck-1.cac- BOB

Sjuströmmars Sleeping Beauty
BOB puppie

Kimberbell's Pure Gold

Letohallen, Eidsvoll

Kimberbell's Pure Gold
1-1-ck-cac-2 BTK

Sjuströmmars Sleeping Beauty
1-2 BTK puppie


Mirramiss Eternal Flame got CAC and 2 btk

 Congratulations to owner Christine Nandrup - Johansen

NKK Oslo Doble

New title

Napoleon 15/8 BOS on Bjerke and Norwegian Winner - 10

Dixie 1-2

Valle 2

NKK Oslo Doble

Lørgag 14/8-10

Napoleon 2 BHK
Dixie 1-2 hp
Valle 1-2

Nesbyen 2010

Kimberbell's Pure Gold 2 x 2BTK

Verlaine got ​​HP the first day and blue the second day

Mirramiss Athello  CAC and 2 BHK

World Exhibition in Denmark
Napoleon got Excellent and was No. 3 in champion class

Mirramiss Atlas exelent

Mirramiss Athello very good

Papillon og Phalene klubb Denmark

Napoleon got exelent - 1 chk. and got Clubcert and 4 bhk

Mirramiss Athello got exelent

Mirramiss Atlas got exelent

Triple Dog Show Jönköping 2010

Mirramiss Atlas got his Swedish CC and he is now the title Nordic Champion
Congratulations to owners Anita and Flemming

NKK Kristiansand

Napoleon BOS in Kristiansand today

Valpeshow i Solberghallen 7/3

Dixie 2 BTK

For the first time in history?
11 phalenes
Nice group photo:)


Int.Nord. ich Cqabeym'z Keiser Napoleon av Jammin


Dommer: Michael Forte

Nice male, well constructed, lovely shape, good lenght og neck
Nice head & tailset. Lovely coat and condition
Well presented and handled

Napoleon was taken out in the finals among the top 6 in the group, but he didnt get picked out.