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Dogs4all Lillestrøm

What a day ... it was fun with Napoleon, who went straight to the top and got NW-09, as last year. He turned out very nice in the ring that day, not always he does it,
but perhaps he knew the seriousness, who knows? :)


Verlaine du Priamont de la Perce Neige: 1 jk- 1 jkk- hp

Karesinda Starlit at Mirramiss: 1chk- 2chkkl- ck- 2 BTK

Leto 7/11-09

Thompuss got cert and BOB - Jaffa got cert, and champion and BIM

Moss hundeklubb 25/7-09

BOB on Napoleon and Verlaine in Moss

Nkk Drammen

Napoleon 1-1-ck-1-BHK- cacib- BIR
Jaffa 1-1-ck-1-cert-1BTK-cacib-BIM

Mirramiss Atlas was today Norwegian Champion
so now he can use the title N DK UCH

NKK Kristiansand

Napoleon BOB
NKK i Kristiansand today 10/5-09

Mirramiss Atlas in Aalborg, Denmark
Atlas got CAC and BOS in Denmark and became Danish Champion
Congratulations Anita and Flemming for their


Stange 25/4
Cqabeym'z Keiser Napoleon BOB and
Karesindas Starlit at Mirramiss(Jaffa) got cert and BIM

26/4 - Stangehallen
Napoleon 2 BHK and Jaffa 2 BTK

Mirramiss Atlas NKK Bergen
Happy News from my puppy buyers today
Mirramiss Atlas NKK CAC and BOB in Bergen
His kennel sister Athena was also CAC and BOS
Congratulations to Anita and

Napoleon was 4 BHK
Mimmi No. 2 in the
champion class

Atlas i Danmark

Mirramiss Atlas has been in Denmark
and where he got CAC-CACIB-BOS

Congratulation to the owners Anita og Flemming