I Arnhild is the owner of Kennel Mirramiss that i have had since 1994. I began my breeding with the American Cocker Spaniel, but provided me with the breed after 10 years when fur counted was too demanding.
My first Phalene I received in 2004, and currently I have 1 male and 4 females at home.
1 male + 1 female out on feed
Have also purchased me a Dvergpinscer bitch, think it's a beautiful dog with the nice temperament.
I travel around a lot on exhibition that is my passion, I now got 4 Champions
I have about two litters a year.
Me and my partner Arvid live about 1 1 / 2 mil from Notodden Telemark, We live on a small farm far away in the forest so the dogs can run free.
My 3 children have become adults and have "left the nest." But im so lucky that i have 5 grandchildren
Kim Michael, Kevin, Kristine,  Cathrin and Christoffer.

Kristine & Cathrin


Kim Michael and Kevin


Her bor vi, midt i skogen med bare elgen som nabo. Her kan hundene springe fritt og utfolde seg..

Our little place in the forrest

Sunrise in Notodden

Our city, Notodden