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Breeders should:
be awarded at the exhibition: Bitches 1 AK Dogs HP before the age of 15 months (if used for breeding), CK after the age of 15 months
Patella-certificate without remark after the dog is 12 months
Approved PRA certificate (not older than 12 months at mating time)
Breeder will follow NKK's ethical guidelines for breeding.
Breeder will provide detailed information about the PRA and any known plants carriers of the used lines.
PRA is something that can occur in all the breeders, as we all use dogs for breeding which stems from the same old dogs.
A breeder who follows the rules and is aware of the risks of farming,
can not be blamed if the PRA would affect one of its offspring.
Breeders who claim that it is not on its lines have not set up properly in the background and the descent of their breeding stock.
PRA is something that can happen to anyone. Do not let these conditions prevent you from buying a Papillon / Phalene.
The breed is still a very healthy dog, and most breeders do what they can for it to remain so.
Dog or bitch:
There is no great difference between male dogs and bitches. Some would say that a dog has more personality than a bitch, but it is much the eye of the beholder.
A dog sheds less than a bitch, and it will not heat. If you only have a dog as a family dog ​​or possibly a little to the exhibition,
one should choose a dog. If you want a dog to obedience or agility is best with a male, when females in heat can not make in contests.
The education is the same for both sexes - females are easier to train than a dog.
Size-wise, there is no difference (standard says, females slightly larger, but it is mostly in theory).
Ask your neighborhood about which sex is most of, remember that bitches of large breeds can be quite dominant over other females.
The price of Papillon / Phalene is about. NOK 12,000,-